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Welcome to Colonial Service Station, a full-service auto and medium-duty truck repair and gasoline station. Owned and operated by Tommy Deangelis and his two sons, David and Michael, since 1968, a third-generation business. We are proud to have been around this long, and at the same location, serving our loyal and dedicated customers with anything they need, from repairs and snow removal to shell gasoline and diesel services. Can’t make it to our shop? We tow disabled vehicles for repairs.

We take lots of pride in our company and strive to give 100% customer satisfaction to our new and repeat customers. Thanks to our loyal customers and employees, we have been successful for this long in this competitive and changing industry.

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Sometimes what seems to be a warning that something major is about to break may be a hint from your car’s computer or engine that it is time for a tune-up, cleaning or a problem with a control center. The vital components of your engine, such as fuel injectors and intake manifolds can gum up with dirt, varnish, and carbon. Those issues cause rough idling and lost performance. Our technicians clean these components performing a two-part fuel injection service to improve overall performance, mileage, and acceleration. The timing belt should be changed every 60,000 miles or can increase cost significantly otherwise and you should always replace oxygen sensors at 60,000 to 70,000 miles. Another important service we recommend is to have your chassis undercoated to prevent corroding from salt and rainwater.

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